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DTS Marketing Apprenticeship Program - Ontario

Begin your post-school journey as a lifelong learner - join the top 90 digital apprentices in Ontario for our inaugural cohort in September 2018. A 6 month apprenticeship and you'll graduate debt free. 

Digital Trades: Methods & Mindsets

Through online and face-to-face learning sessions, students learn the digital trades businesses require to flourish and remain competitive. Apprentices will explore a diverse suite of digital trades that support enterprise creating world-class customer experiences. We’ll cover practices including:  digital marketing and advertising, multi-channel digital experiences, customer acquisition and sales, marketing automation, customer success and account management.

Self-Leadership: Achieving High Performance

Technology doesn’t disrupt businesses, people do. While acquiring new skills is important, Digital Trades School offers apprentices the opportunity to do the inner work required to succeed long-term. Apprentices will explore self-leadership principles focused on advancing mindset, heartset, soulset and healthset.


Paid Practice: Get to Work

Get paid to get better. Paid practice creates an incredible opportunity for apprentices to begin applying new methods and mindsets in industry. Through hands-on coaching and real business challenges teams are tasked to advance a strategic digital transformation initiative, creating a great opportunity for employers to test-drive new talent and recruit high potentials.

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