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AMA Webinar:

 The Digital Trades School Program

Joining the Digital Trades School

with Trudy Koen and Jeff Mitchell

Tuesday, September 11th 2018 - 7pm EST


In this webinar we'll explore how we can help your business with a digital transformation:

  • Discuss the overview of the program
  • Talk about our program leadership team
  • Explain how we can help your business with a digital transformation
  • AMA session with Trudy and Jeff

At the end of the presentation we will have a live 'ask-me-anything' section where webinar attendees can ask Trudy and Jeff about Digital Trades School, its staff, and its programs.

See you there!

Jeff Mitchell

Chief Learning Officer

Jeff is an innovative educator and lifelong learner striving to create learning ecosystems that empower people to change the trajectory of their lives.

Trudy Koen 

Program Director

Trudy is a marketing professional with over 13 years in the tech industry. She enjoys mentoring, and helping students kick start their careers.