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About DTS

The Digital Trades School

Digital Trades School is a new, innovative school headquartered in Waterloo Region, Canada’s technology capital, that offers a unique six month Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program for new grads as well as Corporate Training Programs that prepare students and a companies’ workforce to navigate the new digital economy.

Digital Trades School has created a redefined learning model that allows students and employees to build on top of their degree and work experience by learning in-demand skills from industry experts during in-class bootcamps and through working on real projects. Through this approach you will learn well beyond theory and will know how to ‘turn the wrench’ and use the tools and technology of the digital trades to deliver results.  

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A Unique Approach to Building World-class Training

The challenges of building great technology and learning experiences continue to share increasing similarities. The Digital Trades School applies a proprietary methodology leveraging the principles of design thinking, lean startup and agile development practices to build learning experiences that delight customers and create tremendous value for your organization. Through apprenticeship style learning, all Digital Trades School programs give learners the opportunity to directly interface with and use the tools and technology relevant to their field and practice.

By applying these practices, the Digital Trades School has become recognized for our ability to rapidly build experiential learning programs that learners love. Our iterative and incremental development approach ensures program outcomes are built around the learner’s desired outcomes while connecting back to your organization’s mission. Through rigorous design thinking workshops, minimum viable programs and weekly sprints  your team will be involved in the development process to leverage your subject matter expertise throughout the project from day 1.

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